The Tampa Bay startup brings the very first 3D-printed house to the area

The first house in Click, Print, Home’s home division that was initially 3D-printed is now open for viewing, with an asking price of $599,300.

On Friday, Click, Print, Home partnered with real estate brokerage Compass Florida to list the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home at 7509 S Shamrock Road in Tampa.

3d printed houses

An ongoing home build will take around half a year, stated CEO, founder, and owner Matt Gibson, once a buyer decides to participate, Click, Print, Home. That’s about the same as the time a traditional home will take.

Construction in the state of Florida could greatly expand with this new technology, accelerating the process and decreasing the supply of available residences.

An Iowa-based company called Alquist 3D will provide the 3D printing technology. Robotic arms designed in 3D printers will layer concrete to create the home’s structure. This process is much faster than relying solely on human labor and will result in less waste.

interior rendering of a 3d printed home

The final product will provide over four times more protection against high winds, rain, and termites than a concrete home. This is a considerable advantage for Florida, considering those elements are troublesome for reading this book.

If this project goes as planned, Mr. Gibson hopes to develop his whole neighborhood with 3D-printed houses. A similar project is already underway in Texas.