Pickleball Enthusiasts Rejoice: Pinellas Park Welcomes New Facility

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New Top Facility for Pinellas Park

Pinellas Park in Florida will soon have a first-rate pickleball facility. This is excellent news for sports fans and people looking to buy houses in the area. Pickleball, a fun blend of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, has become more popular. The Pickleball Club plans to open a 40,000-square-foot indoor facility in Pinellas Park. This modern sports center will surely be a hit with locals and visitors.

Pickleball Club’s Growth Plans

The Pickleball Club announced its following two facilities in Pinellas Park and Venice. The Pinellas Park site is just over 8 acres in the Gateway Centre Business Park. The company said it is under contract to buy the site for $1.7 million. The sale should be complete in December, with an opening set for early 2025.

Remarkable Features and Fun Spaces

The Pinellas Park facility will have 16 indoor pickleball courts, an outside activity area, a players’ lounge mezzanine, Dink’s Pro Shop, and Pickle’s Café. Brian McCarthy, founder, and CEO of The Pickleball Club, said in a release, “Our goal is to be the top social club focused on pickleball in Florida, followed by an expansion throughout America. Our concept will give members a high-end country club atmosphere to play and socialize all year, no matter the weather outside.”

Venice Facility and Future Sites

The Pickleball Club also bought a 5.5-acre parcel in Venice for $2.8 million. That facility, at the intersection of Crestview Boulevard and Jacaranda Boulevard, will also be 40,000 square feet. It will have 14 indoor pickleball courts and an outdoor activity area with two outdoor and two bocce ball courts.

The Venice club is set to open in July 2024. It will have a 3,700-square-foot players’ lounge mezzanine that looks out over the courts and the Pickle’s Café and Dink’s Pro Shop. Other locations in progress include Port St. Lucie, Bonita Springs, Forty Myers, and the Villages.

Meeting the Growing Love for Pickleball

The Pickleball Club plans to “take advantage of the big unmet demand for a quality indoor sports experience focused on pickleball,” according to a release. Each club is designed to be between 34,000 and 50,000 square feet. Matt Gordon, co-founder of The Pickleball Club, said in a release, “The Pickleball Club is far and away the market leader in developing indoor club facilities in the United States. We have more courts being built and more money invested than anyone. Pickleball is the sport of the people, and we are proud that we have over 100 individual equity investors who have joined us on this amazing journey.”

Effect on the Local Home Market

The new facility in Pinellas Park is a big plus for people searching for houses for sale in the area. The sports center makes the area even more appealing. It may boost property values and make the community more attractive. With pickleball getting more popular, this facility puts Pinellas Park on the map as a must-see spot for fans.

A Vibrant Place for Sports Fans

In short, the Pickleball Club’s facility in Pinellas Park, Florida, is an exciting addition. It’s great for those who love the sport and want to move to a lively community. The chic, well-equipped center will draw pickleball fans from near and far. This will make Pinellas Park a busy place for sports lovers.

Encouraging an Active Lifestyle

The top-notch facility promotes an active lifestyle among residents and visitors. Multiple courts and amenities create an environment that encourages fitness, social interaction, and friendly competition. The addition of the facility shows the growing interest in pickleball and its potential to bring people together.

Pinellas Park’s Pickleball Place Helps Homes Sell

The pickleball place in Pinellas Park makes people want to buy homes there. More people like the sport and look for houses for sale in Pinellas Park, Florida. The great place in the town makes it more widespread. It can help the housing market grow.

The place may also increase house prices because it makes a living there better. The new sports center is excellent for people who want to move. It shows that the town is fun and likes activities. With more people liking pickleball, Pinellas Park is a top spot for fans and people buying homes.

Boosting Local Economy and Tourism

The new facility will likely affect the local economy and tourism in Pinellas Park positively. As more fans learn about the excellent facilities, they may want to visit the area. This increased foot traffic can lead to a rise in demand for local businesses, restaurants, and places to stay. It can also add to the overall appeal of Pinellas Park as a vibrant, sports-focused destination.

A Great Step for the Future

The Pickleball Club’s investment in Pinellas Park and nearby areas show a strong belief in the sport’s future growth. With a dedicated focus on creating high-quality indoor sports experiences, the company is well-placed to benefit from the increasing popularity of pickleball. The new facility in Pinellas Park, along with the planned expansions, demonstrates a commitment to bringing the joy of pickleball to even more communities across the country.

In conclusion, the Pickleball Club’s new facility in Pinellas Park is a welcome development for the community and enthusiasts of the sport. It offers a unique mix of top-tier amenities, a lively atmosphere, and a boost to the local housing market. As pickleball keeps growing in popularity, the Pickleball Club is ready to lead the way in providing great experiences for players and fans alike.