DeSantis Signs Explosive Laws: Will Your Rent Now Soar or Plunge?


Ah, the Sunshine State! Beautiful beaches, delightful weather, and who can forget – a real estate market that’s always buzzing. But hold onto your sun hats, folks. Governor DeSantis just inked two new laws that might just shake up our rental market. So whether you’re a tenant, homeowner, or looking to dive into Tampa Bay’s lucrative property scene, you might be wondering: are rents gonna shoot up to the moon or take a deep dive? Let’s break it down.


A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

Florida, sweet Florida. If you’ve been living here as long as I have (which is, ahem, quite a while), you know that our state has always been a hot spot for real estate. But, boy oh boy, has Tampa Bay been a roller coaster. Just when you thought property prices couldn’t go any higher, they did! I remember buying my first house in Tampa Bay back in the early 2000s; it felt like winning the lottery. The area has grown so much since then.

Now, the rents. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to notice that they’ve been rising faster than dough in an oven. Various cities tried to handle it their own way, with local rental rules. But, and here’s the kicker, some say these well-meaning rules actually made things worse for affordable housing. The builders got cold feet, my friends. They chose easier cities to work in, and the competition thinned out.

The Dynamic Duo: HB 1417 & SB 170

In comes our superhero Governor DeSantis (cape not included), signing into law two bills that are expected to make waves – HB 1417 and SB 170. These might sound like droids from Star Wars, but trust me, they’re way cooler.

Deep Dive into HB 1417 (Residential Tenancies)

One Law to Rule Them All

Here’s the scoop: HB 1417 aims to clear the muddled mess that is Florida’s rental regulations. Instead of each city having its own rules, now it’s all going to be under one big state law umbrella.

I have this buddy, a builder. He once told me over a game of golf that he’s tired of navigating through this labyrinth of local regulations. He’d rather stick to the places he knows won’t give him regulatory headaches. This new law might just be the aspirin builders are looking for.

What’s in Store for Tampa Bay?

With the new law, I suspect that Tampa Bay will be having a builder party. More builders might jump into the fray. Theoretically, this could lead to more rental housing which might stabilize or even decrease rents.

But let’s not throw the confetti just yet. We also need to consider that Tampa Bay is on many people’s radar. The demand is still high, my friends. So don’t expect your rent to drop like a hot potato.

Implications for Buyers and Sellers

Now if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Tampa, listen up. With more builders and possibly more rental options, this might stabilize property prices. This can be a double-edged sword. If you’re looking to sell, maybe you were hoping for prices to keep rising. But if you’re looking to buy, this could be the break you needed.

Deep Dive into SB 170 (Local Ordinances)

Businesses, Rejoice!

SB 170 is like the Robin to HB 1417’s Batman. It’s all about protecting local businesses, including vacation rental companies, from regulations that could tie them up in knots.

Here’s an example. My friend Martha owns a little beachside café in Tampa. A few years ago, the local government passed an ordinance that nearly tanked her business. This new law could give folks like Martha a fighting chance.

Tampa Bay: The Land of Opportunities

Tampa Bay’s already got a happening vacation rental scene. I mean, who doesn’t want to vacation here? This law might just turn that up to eleven. It might be a good time to consider investing in vacation rental properties, because, let’s face it, Tampa Bay is basically paradise.

If you’re into diversifying your investments (and you should be), keep an eye on local businesses too. They might find breathing easier with SB 170, and that’s good news for the local economy.

Expert Predictions

The Future of Rent Trends

So, the million-dollar question: are rents going to soar or plunge? The experts I’ve been chatting with at various Tampa Bay open houses seem to think it’s a bit of both. In the short term, rents might continue to rise. But as these laws kick in and more builders join the game, we might see some stabilization.

Health Check on Tampa’s Real Estate Market

The general consensus is that Tampa Bay’s real estate market is still pretty healthy. The demand is high and these laws might just provide the supply we need. But always remember, the real estate market has more ups and downs than my favorite roller coaster at Busch Gardens.

Practical Advice for Buyers and Sellers

Timing the Market

Folks, I cannot stress this enough: timing is key. Keep an eye on the market trends. If you’re selling, you might want to do it before the market gets flooded with new properties. If you’re buying, patience is your best friend.

Due Diligence is Key

Take it from someone who’s been in the business for a long time: don’t skimp on the research. Talk to professionals, attend seminars, read up on market trends. Your wallet will thank you.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify!

My grandpa used to say, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” When it comes to investing, truer words have never been spoken. Spread out your investments.


Alright, folks. We’ve been through quite a journey. From the historical lanes of Florida’s real estate to the shining new laws Governor DeSantis just signed. The rental market might just be at the cusp of a new era.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller in Tampa Bay, it’s time to strap in and keep your eyes open. There’s never a dull moment in real estate. May the market forces be with you!